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Microsoft has always made quality software products, Windows being the most popular and used one. The company wanted to push Windows 10 to as many users as possible so it offered the upgrade for free up until July 29th 2016. While it’s still possible to get a free copy of Windows 10 after the July 29th deadline many people are unaware of it and are using a pirated copy instead.

It’s understandable that in developing countries the price of a Windows license is not something most people can afford, but there are still risks of using a pirated Windows 10. Before you go down this road, you should at least be aware of them.

5 Risks of using a pirated Windows 10

We don’t encourage using any kind of pirated software and at the same time we’re aware this is a decision each of us has to make by themselves. However, we do care about our readers and we want them to be aware of the risks of using a pirated Windows 10.

The activator may not be so good

The Windows Activator is the tool that makes it possible to use a pirated Windows 10. Once you install the OS, you run the Activator and the operating system becomes fully functional. That sounds too good to be true, right? In some cases, the activator is a good one and Windows 10 can work perfectly for months and even longer. In other cases, this tool is not as good and you may experience errors and other types of problems as soon as you finish installing Windows 10.

Regardless, there’s always a risk your operating system will break and in most cases, it will cause you a huge headache.

Not getting updates

Software updates don’t contain just bug fixes and new features (although even these alone are extremely useful). They also include security patches that fix vulnerabilities. A lot of pirated Windows 10 copies never get updates, so it’s safe to say your system may become less and less secure over time.

Even if your pirated copy of Windows 10 does get updates, at each one there’s a chance it will somehow affect the modified configuration and detect the operating system as non-genuine. It can work for months but it will happen at some point.

Limited functionality and performance

For a pirated Windows 10 to work, some changes must be performed to the system which can often disable or break some features. Some pirated copies can work flawlessly, while others can be unstable and prone to crashes and freezes or simply run at a lower performance.

Increased risk of security attacks

A lot of security attacks are targeting pirated systems because as I already mentioned, such systems usually don’t get the latest security updates so cybercriminals have plenty of time to find exploits in older builds. Unless you’re not storing any kind of sensitive data on your PC (also think about login credentials for your online accounts), using a pirated Windows 10 may prove to be a risk not worth taking.

Some apps and services are disabled

Official Microsoft services and apps don’t run on pirated copies of Windows 10. Of course, you could also install pirated copies for these programs as well but that will only lead to having even more security holes that can make your PC an even more attractive target for hackers.

As you can see, there are plenty of risks of using a pirated Windows 10 so even if it’s technically free, you might pay a steeper price later.


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