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Windows 10 runs smooth, but by tweaking OS and apps settings and removing bloatware you can achieve even better performance and speed. Here are 10 simple tweaks you can use to boost your Win 10 PC.

Enable Game Mode

To enable it, go to Settings → Gaming → Game Mode → enable Use Game Mode.

You can activate the Game Mode by pressing the Windows Key +G combination later on. It’s supposed to give your system a boost for gaming, but you can use it for other resource-intensive applications, too, such as Adobe Premiere.

If you’re a gamer and you like to stream games, you can also broadcast your games with nVidia’s Geforce Experience software easily, with no hassle.

Disable Visual Effects

Visual bells and whistles are nice, but if you disable them you will free up some resources for more important tasks. This trick is particularly useful for older machines.

Go to System → Advanced system settings → Advanced → Performance → Settings → Adjust for best performance.

In some cases, that alone will give a significant speed boost to your system.

Boost Your Processor

Go to Control Panel → Power Options → High Performance.

This will work best for desktops, whereas laptops are better off with Balanced or Power Saver.

Disable Startup Apps

A handful of apps load at computer startup, clogging the resources and potentially slowing it down. Go over the startup programs and do a thorough revision to disable everything you deem is non-essential and unnecessary.

Press Ctrl + Alt + Del to launch Windows Task Manager → Startup tab → check the app you wish to disable from launching on computer start and click Disable.

Control Windows Update

Do you ever notice how your PC suddenly starts lagging only to realize it is downloading system updates in the background? To prevent it from hogging your computer while you are in the middle of some important work, change the update settings.

In the Windows Search Bar type → Windows Update settings – run the utility → Update settings → Change active hours.

Here you can choose the time during which you are unlikely to be busy with something important. Of course, the computer needs to be On during these periods.

Boost Internet Connection

Your Wi-Fi may very well be the reason why your connection is not as stellar as you think it should be. Overlapping Wi-Fi signals may cause speed issues, or your channel may be congested. To eliminate this issue, you can use the direct wired connection via Ethernet cable.

On the other hand, Windows Update can clog your bandwidth, which is a pest, too, especially while you work. To prevent this, you can configure your connection to metered. This will effectively disable Windows updates but for the security patches.

Press Windows Key + I to open Windows Settings → Network and Internet → Wi-Fi → choose your current network → Metered connection → Set as metered connection → On.

Remove or Replace Bloatware

Win 10 comes ridiculously bloated with apps you will never use, so uninstalling them will do your computer good. If you could use a hand in removing crapware, try Windows 10 App Remover https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0Bxm9LVxEKx1gfnBCODh2MmxPSmdSMURfWkxVMHMtVG5HOW1JZGJ5d0w0NER4enFJU1JSMzg?amp%3Busp=sharing , Windows X App Remover https://sourceforge.net/projects/windows8appremover/ or 10AppsManager http://www.majorgeeks.com/files/details/10appsmanager.html .

There is also an OS upgrade option called in-place upgrade. It returns your computer to the like-new state without removing your apps and files. It just refreshes your OS core files. To do this, download Windows 10 Media Creation Tool https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10 → run it → Upgrade this PC now → Next.

Your PC will download Win 10 copy, so be patient as it can take a few hours. When done, this utility will install Win 10 on top of Win 10m restoring its performance to the levels it had when you first bought it.

Some apps you have might be great offenders when it comes to speed and performance. Most frequently used offenders are PDF readers, browsers, and multimedia players. Install Sumatra PDF instead of Adobe Acrobat Reader; VLC Player instead of using Windows Media Player; Chrome, Firefox, Vivaldi, or Pale Moon https://www.palemoon.org/  instead of Edge; Total Commander instead of File Explorer.

Do Clean Uninstalls

Often, when you uninstall a program, it leaves a ton of registry entries, which in the end slow down your system performance. To prevent this, uninstall apps using Revo Uninstaller, which is a better alternative than using registry cleaners, which tend to cause  your OS to glitch.

Final Words

These are the basic steps that will help you achieve better performance of your Win 10 computer. Don’t forget to run antimalware scans regularly using Malwarebytes, ClamWin,  Spybot Search and Destroy, SuperAntiSpyware, or the utility of your choice. Malware, too, tends to manifest itself in hampered performance and speed of your computer.


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