The Money Pit

July 15, 2013 on 6:14 pm | In Some of This Some of That | Comments Off

Honestly, in just a mere 6 years, we’ve spent more money on this house then we have spent on any of the other homes we’ve owned in the past, and not necessarily by choice. I call this house our very own Money Pit.
A few of the big ticket items we’ve had replaced or installed include a new roof, exterior paint, new water heater and, most recently, 2 new air conditioners (we have 3).
Everytime I think we have a chance to get a little ahead on our budget, and possibly even do something fun like maybe taking a vacation, something else goes out, leaks, breaks or floods, causing us to have to get something repaired or replaced. It’s been 2 weeks since our new a/c units were installed, I’m waiting for the next big ticket item to go!
Ok, enough complaining. The family is done eating dinner, so I’m going back into the kitchen to clean up and run our shiny new dishwasher that I had installed today (the old one had disintegrated!).

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