Not Off to a Good Start

February 1, 2013 on 1:50 pm | In Some of This Some of That | Comments Off

My daughter has spent the past 2 years playing JV softball for the high school. Of course, she also plays select/travel ball all year round and has been pretty successful. Several of her team mates for her travel club also play for the same high school which makes it even more fun.

Last week, after months of team workouts and practices, the spring teams were finally announced. My daughter, and all the other girls from her travel club had made the Varsity team. We were all very excited and we all agree, it was well deserved. Our enthusiasm didn’t last for long.

After printing out the rosters, passing out the uniforms and equipment, my daughter and one other team mate were told they they may have do play some on the JV team. They were told it would give them more playing time, but it would only be occasionally. They were both okay with that proposition, they don’t mind helping out the JV team on an as needed basis.

Since that conversation took place however, they’ve been singled out and are now having to play for the JV team full time. All parents received an email a few days ago from the head coach stating that there may be some players having to be moved to a different team due to “circumstance beyond our control”. WTH?

Honestly, I don’t mind seeing my daughter play on either team, but she deserves to be on the Varsity team just as much as any of the other girls. She told me last night that she finds it embarrassing that all of her travel club team mates are on Varsity and she’s playing for JV. Her travel team is pretty successful and my daughter plays almost every inning of every game that they play. It is super disappointing the way she is now being treated and very frustrating as a parent to have to sit back and do nothing.

Trust me, our high school softball coaches don’t have a clue. The head coach has never even played the game, she was a basketball player. Most of the girls who play for her seem to quit before their senior year, they just don’t want to put up with her anymore. My daughter was ready to quit last night, she is a junior this year.

It all just disappointing and has not kicked the season off to a very good start.

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