Job Frustrations

January 18, 2013 on 1:53 pm | In Some of This Some of That | Comments Off

I am fortunate, I have a job that allows me to work every day from home. To do my job, I log in to the company’s server and go from there. Today became frustrating when the server crashed. That’s when working from home make you feel separated and alone. There is no way to see if this happened just to you or did all your co-workers experience the same thing.

Today I wasn’t sure. So, I rebooted my computer, standard practice. That didn’t work, so I spent the next 30 minutes just trying to log in. The work at home information page was telling me that all systems were ok, so I just kept trying. After that first 30 minutes, I called our help desk. The guy on the other end didn’t even give me his name, simply said, “all servers are down, just keep trying”. That was that.

So, for the next 30 minutes I kept trying. After an hour of attempts, I thought I better call operations to make sure they knew I was “trying”. You see, the policy is that they will only pay you for up to 30 minutes of downtime. I wasn’t going to keep sitting at my desk if I wasn’t going to get paid!

So, I called our Operations desk. This time I received a much calmer, nicer individual who introduced himself and told me not to worry about my time, just keep trying to log in. It was a system wide issue and affected all employees. Because of this, it was more than likely that we will be paid for the full amount of our downtime. My shift ended at noon, so I quit trying then, but what a total pain in the ass!

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