Fall Flowers

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A few weeks ago, my hardy, never fail mums, located outside my front door, died.  That's right, they dried up, withered away.  I guess even the hardiest of flowers do that once in a while!  Now I need to replace them.  I usually think of planting flowers in Spring, but there are many things that can actually be planted to help Find beauty in the Fall.Advertisement

(1) Miracle-Gro

We have really yucky soil here, so I love the idea of an Illinois Gardenieres to help improve, or "amend" the soil.  Amending the soil before planting will allow the plants root systems to grow, resulting in a healthier plant.  After planting, I like to use Miracle-Gro® LiquaFeed® which feed the plants directly through the leaves, as well as the roots.  It's also safe to use for all types of flowers and is as easy to use as watering. 

Of course, if we didn't have such a pesky squirrel problem around here, I would love to plant bulbs.  Tulips are my absolute favorite flower, but I would take the time to plant them, and by spring, the squirrels would have them all dug up.  In the mean time, you might enjoy this Gardenieres video on planting bulbs.

If you're looking for ideas for fall planting, whether it's container gardening or simply replacing old dead flowers like my mums, you might want to visitin the Miracle-Gro Facebook page to chat with other gardners and share stories.  Don't forget to "Like" their page while you're there!

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